Location: The View – Riviera Point, dist. 7, HCMC.
Year: 2022.
Designed – Built by: Arch.A.
Design team: Tran Duy Tan, Hanh Vu, Hoang Vuong.
Client: Mr. Quy – Ms. Hieu.
Area: 125sqm.
Photo: QuangDam.
Graphic: Hoang Dang.

This apartment is the beginning of a newlywed young couple. They demand to have an interesting space for their upcoming time.

The project is a collection of interesting experiences with design. We use arches to separate and connect the space, make it more graceful and soft. A long wooden podium from the living room to the end of the work room, is both a division of functions and a focal point of interest when entering the house. A round window that opens diagonally is the intersection between the master bedroom and the bathroom. As a result, the bathroom has more natural light, helping homeowners feel more relaxed. The window not only brings better use for the viewing angle and feeling of the user, but also brings enjoyment to a newlywed couple.

The materials used in the design are natural wood that is hand-painted to give the most realistic feel, terrazzo grinding stones to adorn the space and create seamless materials with hygiene and high aesthetics.

Lighting is also an integral part of this design. When the highlights are hit in the main use area, the rest will be illuminated indirectly, creating a gentle transition. From there, there will be little corners to relax every weekend evening with some jazz music and a glass of wine.