Location: Gigamall Thu Duc, HCMC.
Year: 2022.
Designed by: Arch.A
Design team: Tran Duy Tan, Hanh Vu, Hoang Vuong.
Client: Cheese coffee.
Area: 600sqm.
Photo: QuangDam.

“Inheriting” all the advantages and disadvantages of the site location as well as the existing structure, we took inspiration from the shade trees, the movement of leaves in the wind and the rustic… in spatial design, bring utility and unique features to Cheese Coffee space.

The layout of the design has closely followed the criteria of the investor. In the middle is a large, long table that creates a focal point and connects the space. Around are small tables with the flexibility to increase and decrease the seats as needed. The overall is very clear, simple, airy and optimizes the use of space.

With a solution to divide the building is quite reasonable to optimize the area used. Perforated metal panels combined with decorative arrays made from small bamboo stalks are used to create light levels that diffuse into the interior of the coffee, causing the interesting visual effect. The relatively light weight of these materials is also suitable for decorative solutions that hang onto the structural frame of the house.

The shapes with curved arrays, perforated metal materials combined with bamboo, the simplicity of colors… are enough to attract young people to have a new destination “check-in”, a new cafe space to visit and experience.