Location: Citi Bella, dist. 2, HCMC.
Year: 2022.
Designed by: Arch.A.
Design team: Tran Duy Tan, Hanh Vu, Dang Tran, Nam Anh.
Client: Mr. Dinh.
Area: 5 x 15m.
Photo: QuangDam.
Graphic: Thu Uyen

The house is the permanent residence of the middle-aged customer, helping them solve the problems of the chaotic urban life. The project is a balance between the pursuit of the homeowner in terms of lifestyle, functionality and aesthetics.

The project is located in a row of townhouses in Dist. 2, HCMC. The problem for Arch. A is to ensure the requirements of the owner’s planning and imprint. Since then, the design inspiration was formed from the family’s lifestyle.

The house is neat, full of light with a sufficient amount of furniture but reflects the owner’s personal impression through simple, quiet and solid lines. The circuit of the house is formed from negative spaces, as the bonding of family members through daily activities. The distillation, stillness, elimination of redundant details in space forms the void of experience and the seamless connection between people and people and living space.

Sufficient space layout and amount of furniture help limit the housework that keeps homeowners busy. The neat house creates peace and elegance. It shapes a lifestyle that is optimized in space and time, thereby helping homeowners have more time for themselves and their families.