Location: Cantavil An Phu Apartment, Dist.9, HCMC.
Year: 2020.
Designed & Built by: Arch.A
Design team: Tran Duy Tan, Hanh Vu.
Client: Mr. Duy – Ms. Hang.
Area: 110sqm.
Photo: QuangDam

“Less is more” is the message that Arch.A wants to send through this design, so that people can better understand the meaning of a living space. In particular, a lifestyle focusing on core values, prioritizing choosing what is important and letting go of the superfluous, is less possessive, gives us more space and time to care about life and spiritual values. A neat space with a sufficient amount of furniture will create a light, peaceful life.

The design task was to renovate the 110 square meter 3 bedroom apartment that has been in use for nearly 10 years. The requirement is to create a spacious, functional space that is just enough for all activities of a family of 3 people.

Based on this very need, we have arranged neatly and clearly for each area of the house, focusing on solving basic functions, each thing is drawn little but must do the best. Its function. As a result, helping homeowners enjoy space and time clearly.

The balance between less and more, streamlining in lines, colors and materials has helped the owner’s spirit to be relaxed, to freely experience the change of time passing by in a gentle way, without anxiety or stress and that is also the premise for a young family to start life.