Design and construction: ARCH.A StudiO

Area: 46sqm

This apartment is basic handover including ceiling, walls, floors, toilets, no interior.

The wishes of the owner: Modern design, luxurious buy cozy with full amenities. The entire furniture is designed with intelligent diversity features:

  • Modern kitchen cabinet is designed with smart shelves, always neat and clean.
  • Wardrobe, bed, … is designed with square lines, seamlessly with smart devices.
  • TV cabinet is being used with raw material: natural oak, upholstery fabric wings that increase the ability the remote transmission through the cabinet.
  • Coffee table can be raised each side in convenient for eating or using laptop.
  • Sofa can be transform into a queen size bed in case a friend or relative stay for a sleep.
  • The design is required to create new things and special, any furniture such as tables, shelves or cabinets are designed specifically for the apartment, does not overlap with the design ideas which are available earlier.

The wide bar is a strong point of the apartment, also the idea of the design throughout, the traffic directing key which creating wider space to move around and also create a larger feeling for this small space. This is the result for a researching process and continuously providing solutions of the whole Arch.A design team. The rest of the space is simply application to help the space more relax and comfortable.

Feeling of the nature is applied softly by using natural wood which can show the honest rustic tree rings. Light colour with sky blue which is a perfect background for the cubism oil painting, a smart delicate sofa or a large bed with light grey dra…A thin aquarium that does not spent to much space but create an amazing feeling for the owner by have a fantastics new hobby and giving more lively for the space.