Location: Binh Tan District, Hochiminh City, Vietnam
Design & Build: Arch.A
Design team: Tran Duy Tan, Hanh Vu, Cuc Luu
Client: Mr. Hoa, Mr. Hao
Photos: Quangdam

This is a “HANG” project. We call it that fun, because for a whole year the owner took the time for us to design and… we “HANG” on it scattered flowers and the whole garden of this house.

With a fairly compact area, only 50m2 for each floor, but the house still has all the necessary space for everyone in the family.

The ground floor is arranged with a traffic path throughout the house, starting from the beautiful archway is a rustic courtyard, the living room and kitchen are connected by a skylight corridor which is also the stairway going up, the main traffic direction of the whole house. With a long bench connecting TV cabinet and a dining table chair, the space becomes closer and more special.

There are two bedrooms each floor, front and back, designed with separate toilets and large tubs for each room, ensuring that each person has enough private space with natural light entering the room, each room becomes more airy and sweeter.

Minimalist design, neutral colors with white as the main color, mixed with accents of traditional materials such as wind flowers, antique bricks and natural wood make the house become streamlined and soft. more commercial. Although the house is small in size, each small corner is meticulously cared for in terms of materials and details, so it becomes more cute. Along with the front, back and middle atriums, the house still retains natural light and makes the space clearer and more lively.