Luci’s House Homestay

Location: 174/4 Le Lai Street, District 1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Area: 40 sqm

Year: 2017

Design and Build: ARCH.A StudiO

Photos: Dung Huynh

The Luci’s House Homestay design aims to create a nature – like relaxing space. The only hope of the owner girl is to make a lovely and nature space, but we have made it fantastic nature. By using real trees which are dead to make a shelf divided space into 2 functions: reception and waiting. Seating under the tree is never more amazing than now, when you can take any books you like, and enjoy the shimmering lights above your head, like thousand stars growing on the tree.

By combining the colours of wood, cement, black ceiling and plants with flowers, the space looks cool and happy. The heat of Saigon weather also cannot make people here afraid any more.