Location: City Garden, Binh Thanh dist., HCMC
Year: 2022
Designed by: Arch.A
Design team: Tran Duy Tan, Hanh Vu, Dang Tran, Hoang Dang.
Client: Ms. Phuc
Area: 100sqm
Photos: QuangDam
Graphic: Thu Uyen

Memory is a personal accumulation journey. Ms. Phuc’s house is built on memories and materializes them into their own symbols in the owner’s memory. The house’s signature vitality is made up of little things and filled with commemorative furniture. Home is now not only a physical place but also a sensory place. As it protects and gives form to one’s life, it has a personality and mentality of its own.

The decoration based on personal feelings has created richness for the house, making the living space diverse while still ensuring the continuity throughout the whole. For the owner, the house is available, and they are the storytellers, continuing to participate in the pre-existing journey of the building, in which each item is a word used to explain.

Sediment of time is what makes the value of the project, a value that is not only measured by material wealth, or the age or the origin of each decoration. It is the depth of thought and experience that make up the design process, revealing the subtle erudition of the home.

The space is designed based on the owner’s requirements for a house that can accommodate and build memories. For the purpose of creating an open space, the main areas such as the living room, kitchen, and dining are arranged open without partitions. The bedroom is the only place that is arranged separately to ensure basic functions well without breaking the general design.

In this project, walls are no longer just partitions, they are also containers. An open space with long cabinets running along the wall creates a hallway of minds, where the owner collects and stores the past, present and future, and places intangible assets in it. The memories, culture and experiences of the owners are reflected in each item kept for generations. Then they continue to be conveyed into the new space. It is not only the embodiment of the house, but also the embodiment of the mind and personality of the owner. Every nook and cranny of it is a resting place for thoughts.